Improvement Path Systems (IPS) is committed to solving the problems that plague the industry—those time-consuming, resource-draining, frustration-generating problems that stymie progress and compromise care.

How do we manage to pull off this monumental task? By hiring really smart people with extensive interest and experience in healthcare analytics, predictive modeling, and decision-support software development.

“Insight must precede application.” ~ Max Planck

Founded in 1992 by Steve Littig, IPS charted a steady path for years solving clinical and operational issues for a variety of private sector hospitals before landing a major subcontract for Navy medicine in 2009. Since then, the company has experienced exceptional growth as a government subcontractor and prime contractor, providing data analysis and technical solutions to improve efficiency and outcomes at military treatment facilities. IPS is committed to helping its clients learn from and transform their data into actionable information. We are passionately innovating a happier, healthier world.

U.S. healthcare spending accounts for roughly 17% of our GDP. That’s equal to about $9,255 per person, for a grand total of—are you ready?—$2.9 trillion per year. It’s more than we spend on education, or on defense, or on anything else.

What’s really disconcerting, though, is that all the money being hurled at the nation’s healthcare problems hasn’t led to better health or better quality care.

In the spring of 2014, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) submitted a report to the White House titled Better Health Care and Lower Costs: Accelerating Improvement through Systems Engineering. PCAST cited “unnecessary burdens and inefficiencies” as a major impediment to the delivery of care, with some studies suggesting “that almost one-third of front-line health-care workers’ time is wasted.” That’s no way to do business. Especially when lives are at stake.

According to PCAST, “successful and sustainable improvement must involve reconfiguring the workflow and overall environment in which these professionals practice, which can help to reduce the burden of work while improving the performance of the system.” We’re already working on that.

Imagine making every healthcare dollar go further. Helping an entire industry work smarter. Contributing to improved health for the entire nation. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? That’s what the people at IPS do every single day.

The right data—carefully collected, verified, interpreted, and applied in the right way—is the most important tool available to conscientious decision makers in the healthcare industry. Are you intrigued by the idea of pulling together data, evaluating it for gaps, cleaning it up, and getting it in front of clinicians who can then act on it? Well, we do that at IPS.

Through data mining, analytics, visualization, software development, and information-rich applications, we help our healthcare clients stretch their budgets, solve seemingly intractable problems, and give every single patient the best clinical outcome possible.

Between 2010 and 2012, the people at Gallup, Inc., conducted an extensive study of workplace engagement. The results of their research and polling, published in 2013, yielded some dismal statistics for U.S. employees—and employers: only a third of U.S. employees are thoroughly engaged in their work, which means the other 7 out of 10 are disconnected, apathetic, or generally unhappy in their current jobs. That’s definitely not the way things run at IPS.

Engaged employees propel innovation. We know that. We also know that happiness is vital to success. High employee engagement and outstanding performance go hand in hand.

The atmosphere at IPS is equal parts introspection and interaction, humility and confidence, uncompromising support and mind-blowing challenges. We do meaningful work, and if you join our team, you’ll be involved in far-reaching projects that spark real enthusiasm, unleash your creativity, and demand your very best efforts.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life,
the whole aim and end of human existence.”
~ Aristotle

The people of IPS are committed to the pursuit of excellence. In our world, the ultimate measure of our success is making our clients look good. We let the quality and content of our work do the bragging for us.

“Teamwork” will never become a worn-out buzzword at IPS. We really care about our projects, our company, and each other. We want to help, and we pride ourselves on finding opportunities to do more than is asked of us. We’re never stingy with our time or our knowledge. And on those occasions when we see one of our fellow IPSers stressed out and nearing a deadline, we all pull together to get the job done.

We’re a warm, humble, down-to-earth bunch. These traits define us, they exist at our very core, and they’re part of what has made us so successful.There’s nothing phony or pretentious about IPS. We don’t use forced, trendy, or over-the-top gimmicks to attract talent. Quite simply, we’re a modest, hard-working group that loves to learn, understands the importance of sharing what we know, and possesses a genuine interest in enhancing the quality of care available to all patients throughout the nation.

IPS is headquartered in an incredibly cool, three-story, geothermal-heated building (with two kitchens!) located a few minutes from historic downtown Rochester, Michigan. The office has enormous windows and backs up to scenic wetlands with amazing views of wildlife, including exceptionally nimble (and entertaining) squirrels we like to think of as our analytical muses.

In July 2015, IPS opened its second office in the heart of downtown San Diego, CA. The third-floor office complex offers spectacular views of downtown San Diego and the bay area. Positioned near the airport and downtown, it allows us to better serve our customers on the West Coast.

Do you want to problem solve with curious, fun, motivated people who want to make a difference?

IPS is looking for talented, passionate people who relish a data-driven challenge. If our goals and culture sound like they align with yours, we’d like to speak with you.

We offer our employees competitive salaries, generous time-off policies, and myriad benefits (including celebratory cupcakes). Experienced, entry-level, and internship positions are available.

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  • Individuals interested in joining our team should contact us! We have a lot of work to do, and we’re always on the lookout for fun and intelligent people to join our team. You’re fun and intelligent, right? So . . . submit a copy of your resume here.
  • Our recruiter will review your qualifications and contact you for further information if it’s needed.
  • If you seem like the right person for an open position, we’ll contact you to set up a time for a phone interview. During the call, we’ll discuss your background, your computer and analytical skills, and your interest in working with us. We’ll also answer any questions you may have about IPS.
  • A really great phone interview will prompt an in-person meeting at our corporate office in Rochester, Michigan. At that point, you’ll engage in extensive talks with several members of the team.
  • Hiring decisions are made collectively at IPS, so the team members you’ve met will confer with each other, review your background, and check your references before making a final determination on a job offer.