Our Values

Our Values

The following six values are a collective expression of our commitment to our clients and to each other. Each value is deeply ingrained in our culture, cultivated through our daily work, and reflected in our output.

We never rest on our laurels. We know there’s always room for improvement—there’s always a better way—so we look for opportunities to provide additional value to every project we take on.

We ask our clients a lot of questions and listen carefully to their answers: it’s a fundamental step on our path to understanding their needs. We are confident in our ability to help our clients achieve their goals, and we will rack our brains to bring novel points of view, fresh technical insights, and truly workable plans to the table. Happy and successful clients are our truest reward.

We are a professional services firm, with an emphasis on serving. It’s our job to think about things in ways that other people can’t. After meticulously considering every possible angle of a given problem, we use our technological and process improvement skills to design a sound, sensible, tailor-made solution for our client.

There’s a lot to be said for cutting to the chase. To us, the ability to convey complicated ideas in clear, simple, relevant ways—whether through words or images—is an art form in itself. The IPS team consists of deep thinkers, able communicators, and savvy tech developers. We delight in bringing order to chaos and celebrate a victory each time our clients venture with confidence along their personal path to improvement.

We strive to provide value to our clients and routinely do more than is asked of us. Finding innovative solutions to our clients’ needs is our reason for being.

Refueling is essential to our culture. IPSers are really good at recognizing a job well done . . . and then basking, if only for a moment or two, in our collective glory. We’re coworkers and we’re friends, and we look forward to spending time together, whether we’re working on an especially demanding project, volunteering our time to a worthy cause, or just kicking back.