The IPS Service Delivery Process (SDP)

December 20, 2018Continuous Improvement, Healthcare, Operational Excellence

Standardizing Delivery to Ensure Operational Excellence In early 2018, IPS embarked on a journey to standardize the way we deliver our services to our clients.  As a company that emphasizes performance improvement with our clients, we like to practice what we preach and take time to improve our internal processes and optimize ourselves.  The objective was to craft a process that would keep our projects … Read More

Applying Process Improvement and Data Science to Pinpoint Root Causes

November 20, 2018Data Science, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Process Improvement, Root Cause Analysis

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.” — Henry Ford How do we apply process improvement and data science to pinpoint root causes? Previously, we discussed one of the fundamental tools in prescriptive analytics: simulation.  We looked at the inpatient pharmacy as an example and demonstrated the massive amount of … Read More