We empower health systems with actionable information and quality solutions that drive change

The IPS strategy is simple – know your organization and immerse ourselves into your work, by providing world-class consultation services that focus on staff optimization, process improvement, harms reduction, quality assurance, and supply chain optimization. We become your force multipliers so that you can focus and attend to the clinical care of your patients.

financial_icon Cost Reduction

Our experts transform your data into actionable insights that help you drive down the costs of healthcare. Our analytic approach will help you identify and prioritize the best opportunities for savings.

clinical_icon Outcomes Improvement

Our team works directly with your clinicians to identify harms and reduce risks throughout the patient journey. Whether it be HAI identification or advanced analytics to predict events, we are here to help.

operational_icon Operational Excellence

Our analysts and consultants identify and target high-cost, highly inefficient processes in your organization. We apply the best lessons from Lean Six Sigma, Industrial Engineering and Data Science to help you confidently improve.

Case Studies

Discover how IPS facilitates improvement at hospitals across the nation.

Pharmacy Operational Waste Reduction

Using analytic modeling, data science, and root cause analysis to achieve cost savings by reducing avoidable operational waste in your pharmacy.

Identification and Management of HAIs

Developing a solution to streamline workload and reporting requirements for the CDC.

Driving High Reliability Care in Obstetrics

Combining Lean and data science principles to develop dynamic models forecasting patient demand to improve patient experience and flow from outpatient prenatal appointments to discharge.

Facilitating improvement across the United States

Our team brings together experience from the public and private sectors to help our partners excel in their performance.

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