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Healthcare is transforming. In the next few years the traditional fee-for-service (FFS) model will convert to a quality or value-based model. This shift, most visible in the growing Accountable Care Organization movement, seeks a healthcare system that delivers improved care at the best cost.

Meeting this challenge is of critical importance to the financial future of America as healthcare will soon account for 20 percent of all expenditures in the nation. IPS is committed to contributing to the solution by partnering with hospitals to provide clinical and operational performance improvement. Our customized solutions deliver measurable and sustainable results.

Taking patient relationships and quality of care to new heights

As healthcare consumerism is on the rise, the patient experience becomes even more important. Coordinating care through a medical home and organizing a patient’s care around their needs rather than traditional departments are critical to providing high value care in a manner that is convenient and accessible to the patient. In addition, providing digestible information to patients regarding treatment plans and wait times will help to drive patient engagement.

IPS services provide savings and quality opportunities for organizations looking to provide the most value in an efficient way.

Decision support tools that unlock more potential for innovation.

  • Healthcare problems are multidimensional. IPS blends data science and visual modeling with business analytics to give you the whole story behind your data.
  • From simple spreadsheets to elaborate discrete event simulation modeling, we’ll help you weigh your options and make thoughtful and fully informed decisions.


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