We help healthcare clients achieve more.

You have digitized stacks of medical records and are using the latest in EMR technology, but you still cannot make the data work for you. Our services focus on three core areas that not only transform your data, but provide clear insights and processes that equip your team for years to come.

Our Core Capabilities

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Project Management
Lean Six Sigma
Change Management
Executive Coaching
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Mining & Acquisition
BI Strategy & Implementation
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Metrics & KPIs
Software Development

Software Development

Agile Development
MS Technology Stack
Decision Support Tools
SaaS & DaaS
Strategic Partner

Your Strategic Partners

We partner with healthcare organizations to reduce operational gaps and improve care delivery.

Our Solutions

Cost Reduction

Can you quantify your operational waste?

Our interventions result in performance transparency and decreased spend.

Pharmacy Operational Waste Reduction

Using data science and analytic modeling, inpatient pharmacy operational waste, and areas of opportunity are identified and implemented; saving your inpatient pharmacy money.

Supply Management & Utilization

Patient safety and employee satisfaction are targeted through the reduction of adverse events and streamlining of workload.

The Challenge

Changes in patient circumstances and operational demands can result in a high rate of waste. The overall cost of waste can be hidden due to inadequacies in the EMR reporting and inability to tie together complex and disparate information.

Our Solution

We facilitate operational changes at your hospital, catalyzing a shift to more cost-conscious operations. Leveraging your patient data, we can help you drive organizational improvement by uncovering the root cause of waste. Our goal is to help your organization provide equitable care and operate at optimum proficiency.

Outcomes Improvement

Are you using data science to identify potential harms?

Reduce your workload while improving your internal processes.

Harms Reduction

Effective harms reduction begins with early identification. We help you understand your baseline and identify areas of opportunity by mining EMR and transaction data to flag candidates at risk.

Quality Assurance

Drive high reliability healthcare delivery by leveraging analytic models to automate manual processes and provide actionable insights that drive change.

The Challenge

There is a delicate balance in balancing effective quality initiatives and operating at maximum efficiency. The burden of manual entry on clinicians can often create an unnecessary barrier. We understand the most valuable place your clinicians can be is at the patient’s side.

Our Solution

Built on a comprehensive data warehouse of record data, our team is able to take the burden off of your clinicians. Our team doesn’t stop at simply telling you what happened in the past, we stack advanced analytic models to accurately predict harms before they occur.

Operational Excellence

Are day to day operations putting a strain on your department?

Using advanced analytics, industrial engineering, and Lean Six Sigma techniques we target inefficient processes to reduce bottlenecks and unnecessary variability.

Lean Process Improvement & Management Consulting

We identify your baseline performance, your waste, and streamline processes to ensure patient safety and continuous improvement.

Staff Optimization

Analyze your data and processes to optimize staff based on workload demand patterns. We provide dynamic models to ensure your patients have appropriate access to care.

The Challenge

Day to day operations are putting a strain on your people and you are left with trying to identify the problems. Where do you start?

Our Solution

Our consulting services establish baseline performance and ensure continuous improvement. We meet our clients where they are and help them uncover hidden issues by analyzing their people, data, and processes.

How we help you achieve your outcomes.

The IPS Approach


We put great emphasis on seeing the world through our clients’ eyes. Our team works directly with your team to fully understand the problems you seek to resolve.


Our experts leverage the power of analysis, statistics and data science to identify problems our clients may be blind to.


We leverage the knowledge from people and data to clearly define the causes of our clients’ problems.


We work with our clients to identify solutions, create process improvement plans and facilitate change to produce measurable results.


We believe our engagements do not end at project close. We ensure our clients have the tools and processes in place that enable them to continue the journey toward growth.

Are you interested in our public sector solutions?

Our contract vehicles make it easy for current and prospective government clients to access IPS's professional services.

Case Studies

Discover how IPS facilitates improvement at hospitals across the nation.

Pharmacy Operational Waste Reduction (POWR)

Using analytic modeling, data science, and root cause analysis to implement targeted interventions that reduce avoidable waste and cut pharmacy costs.

Identification and Management of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Developing a software application that streamlines infection control workload and complies with the CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network's quality and regulatory reporting requirements.

Driving High Reliability Care in Obstetrics (Labor & Delivery)

Combining predictive analytics and lean tools to forecast patient demand and improve the patient experience throughout the care pathway from outpatient prenatal appointments to delivery.


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