You have converted your stacks of records to digital and are using the latest in EMR technology, but you still cannot make the data work for you. Our services focus on three core areas that not only transform your data, but provide clear insights and processes that equip your team for years to come.

financial_icon Cost Reduction


The process in which drugs are prepared or dispensed efficiently within the pharmacy is difficult to accomplish. Changes in patient circumstances or drug expiration can result in a high rate of waste. The overall cost of waste can be hidden from pharmacies due to inadequacies in the EMR reporting and ability to tie a specifically prepared drug to the specific use for a patient.


Through the use of analytics and targeting areas of opportunity, more insight to waste causes can result in cost reduction. Quality and safety are at the forefront of implementation. Reducing costs and measuring whether the drugs were available when they should have been, ensures that an urgent request from nursing would not be needed.

clinical_icon Outcomes Improvement


Effective harms reduction begins with early identification. However, harms identification can be delayed as a result of the burden of manual entry on clinicians. We understand the most valuable place your clinicians can be is at the patient's side.


Analytic services that mine EMR and transaction data to measure key data elements and events that are required to identify a patient as a Hospital Acquired Infection candidate. Built on a comprehensive data warehouse of record data, our team is able to take the burden off of your clinicians.

Our team doesn't stop at simply telling you what happened in the past, but goes beyond by stacking advanced analytic models to accurately predict harms before they occur.

operational_icon Operational Excellence


Day to day operations are putting a strain on your people and you are left with trying to identify the problems. But where do you start?


With analytics and data science, we facilitate operational changes to your hospital and shift to more cost-conscious operations.

We meet clients where they are and help them uncover the hidden issues by analyzing people, data and processes. Our consulting services are molded to your needs.

How we help you achieve your outcomes.

The IPS Approach


We put great emphasis on seeing the world through our clients’ eyes. Our team works directly with your team to fully understand the problems you seek to resolve.


Our experts leverage the power of analysis, statistics and data science to identify problems our clients may be blind to.


We leverage the knowledge from people and data to clearly define the causes of our clients’ problems.


We work with our clients to identify solutions, create process improvement plans and facilitate change to produce measurable results.


We believe our engagements do not end at project close. We ensure our clients have the tools and processes in place that enable them to continue the journey toward growth.

Are you interested in our public sector solutions?

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Case Studies

Discover how IPS facilitates improvement at hospitals across the nation.

Pharmacy Operational Waste Reduction

Using root cause analysis, data analytics and data modeling to achieve cost savings by reducing avoidable medication waste.

Leveraging Technology and Process to Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

Removed a time consuming manual process and aid staff in identifying HAIs with greater collaboration and evidence-based action within inpatient units.

Operational Excellence in Obstetrics

Improve patient flow from outpatient prenatal appointments to discharge from Labor & Delivery to ensure obstetric patients receive the appropriate care through the application of Lean and data science principles.


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