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Mitigating Impacts of Regulatory Changes on Pharmacy Operational Waste

Inpatient Pharmacies fear that the recent revision to USP<797>, which has reduced the Beyond-Use-Date for compounded sterile preparations, will increase their operational waste substantially. In this paper, we describe how pharmacy operational waste can be measured, reduced and tracked by leveraging the power of data science. We use advanced analytics to simulate the impending USP<797> regulations and measure its impact on the sterile compounding costs.

Short-Term Hospital Occupancy Prediction

A predictive model to forecast hospital occupancy for the next 72 hours at a unit level. The model was validated, installed and run on the hospital’s EMR system and incorporated data from upcoming schedules and non-scheduled arrivals as well as detailed clinical information about each patient currently in the hospital to estimate their residual length-of-stay. This forecast was successfully used to proactively evaluate needs for beds or staff during periods of low and high census to adjust and maintain appropriate resources to match acuity adjusted patient demand.

Simulation Analysis of Pneumatic Tube Systems.

Simulation modeling and data mining are powerful analytical tools for hospital process improvement. Here we demonstrate the practical use of these tools to improve the operations of a pneumatic tube system which serves as a backbone transportation network for small critical item transport within hospitals.


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